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Our people are our greatest asset. Their passion and experience is core to everything we do.

At Pro1, we’re one big family working together as one team. We collaborate and harness our team’s diverse wealth of experience, to deliver innovative solutions for our business and our customers.

We respect and value each other to foster a safe, rewarding and enjoyable workplace. We pull together and help each other when. We are family.

Our purpose is to solve all maintenance needs with expert solutions.

We have a vision to be the best in property maintenance and strive to act by the belief that how we conduct our business is more important than what we do.

Our values

At Pro1, how we conduct our business is as important as what we do.

As a family run business, we value our people and partners. Our core leadership and behavioural values shape everything we do, and ensure we create and observe an engaging, enjoyable and successful company culture. 

Collaborative Team Approach

To be the leading provider of commercial property maintenance in Australia, we’re committed to working openly and constructively as one team.

We achieve this through:

  • Communication: Communicating clearly and respectfully
  • Empathy & approachability: Actively listening to others with genuine interestt
  • Team work: Working together to achieve superior outcomes
  • Trust & accountability:  Doing what we say we will do

Respectful Interactions

We provide a fun and safe working environment by treating each other with respect and dignity.

We achieve this through:

  • Integrity: Treating others how we would like to be treated
  • Patience: Making  time to listen to and help others
  • Safety: Working together to ensure a safe work environment
  • Inclusiveness: Creating an inclusive, safe environment for all people

Continuous Improvement

We put our clients’ needs at the forefront of everything we do by continually looking for ways to improve our service delivery.

We achieve this through:

  • Challenging the status quo:  Thinking outside the box
  • Innovation:  Continuously looking for ways to problem solve and improve service delivery 
  • Customer focus:  Putting our clients first means there’s no job too big or small
  • Technology:  Streamlining business processes through effective use of technology


We look for people who want to become part of our team.

Who are customer focused and willing to go the extra mile. Who will put our customer’s needs at the forefront of everything they do. Who will always look at how something could be done better or smarter.

Respectful & supportive environment

We strive to provide a respectful and supportive environment with a ‘one team’ culture: where management and frontline staff work collaboratively to achieve shared goals and success.

Flexible, rewarding & Enjoyable workplace

We value respect and aim to establish a safe, flexible, rewarding, and enjoyable environment. We are committed to creating an inclusive culture with equal rights and opportunities for everyone.

Exceptional customer service

We expect a high standard of professional behaviour, and dedication to the continuous improvement of processes, to ensure exceptional customer service from all our people.

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We’re always looking for exceptional people who believe in our purpose.

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