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Scheduled maintenance works
Through a defined maintenance schedule, GMH has peace of mind that Pro1’s essential service delivery has minimal impact on their operations.

Customer need

In 2021, General Motors Holden (GMH) engaged Pro 1 to undertake scheduled maintenance works across their portfolio in Victoria. The works included essential service maintenance, cleaning, roller doors, pest control, landscaping, packaging equipment, HVAC, mechanical, fire services, electrical and hydraulics.

GMH required a maintenance provider to assist with essential service requirements to ensure their property was compliant and safe. As some assets would need to be offline while certain maintenance works were undertaken, GMH needed a service provider with experience in scheduling maintenance works, and a strong understanding of how important it was to deliver these works within timeframes to minimise the impact on their operations.

Pro1 Solution

Collaboration was key to the successful delivery of this service. Pro1 worked closely with various GMH stakeholders, and placed a facilities maintenance coordinator on GMH’s site, who ensured all scheduled maintenance was conducted safely, to a high standard and within specified timeframes.

Additionally, the facilities maintenance coordinator collaborated directly with GMH stakeholders to develop cost-effective maintenance solutions for their needs. This onsite presence also allowed Pro1 to respond to any reactive maintenance needs GMH may have.


Pro 1 understood safe work practices would be paramount when working with GMH, particularly during operational hours when GMH employees are present. Using a combination of our accredited safety processes and GMH’s safety practices, Pro1 was able to ensure the safe completion of all works.

Pro1 also utilised SimPRO in this contract for the effective management of scheduled works and labour resources for cost-effectiveness. Using this system allows us to control the consistency and transparency of quotes, reporting, and details of all jobs performed.

To verify work is completed and to a high standard, Pro1 provided detailed monthly reports to GMH. This report included details of the jobs performed, outstanding quotes, OHS matrix, financials including budgets, and Capex and R&M expenditure.

Our work also ensures compliance requirements are being adhered to and other key building assets are being maintained, providing a safe environment for their people, clients, visitors, and the general public.


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