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JLL Lendlease (JLL)
Reactionary maintenance works
Through Pro1’s extensive network of connections and willingness to help solve even the trickiest of problems, we were able to help find a solution and fix the customer’s leaking water tank.

Customer need

JLL Lendlease (JLL) and Pro1 have been working together since 2016. Over this time, Pro1 has assisted JLL with several maintenance requests.

 A leaking storage water tank was causing JLL’s customer an essential services compliance issue, as it fed their site’s fire protection system. It required repairs as a matter of urgency.

 JLL’s customer needed a solution where the tank, which was only 5 years old, could be repaired safely, rather than replacing it, which would be very costly.

Pro1 Solution

To determine a solution, we first had to identify the problem, which meant getting into the tank. Using our vast network of subcontractor connections, Pro 1 sourced a specialist renowned in their industry as a leader in this type of work.

To identify the cause of the leak, we placed a robotic camera into the water tank. The robotic camera discovered that the inside of the tank had rusted, causing a leak. The solution was to remove the rust, apply an epoxy paint and install a liner on the inside of the tank while it was empty. We understood undertaking these works meant the tank would be inoperable and the site’s fire protection system would be down, so work needed to be delivered quickly and effectively.

As the fire protection system is considered an essential service, we worked with the tenant and the owner to ensure they supplied a Fire Impairment Notification to their insurance company, stating the fire protection system would be down for the duration of the works.

A focus on safety was paramount for this work. Due to the nature of the works, we ensured Confined Space permits plus the development of a comprehensive safety plan, including SWMS, rescue plan, and gas monitoring. Additionally, to ensure the safety of the specialist team hired, the workers had gasometer readers to read the level of gases in the tank and worked in pairs. As an additional safety measure, the designated Pro1 site manager was always present to ensure works were undertaken safely and correctly.


JLL’s customer fire protection system was back up and operational in a short timeframe, with the fire water storage tank repaired and refilled. JLL’s problem had been resolved efficiently and effectively with minimal disruption to their business.


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